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Grover Cleveland Stroke Fund
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I've spent several hours last night and today spreading the love around about Grover's stroke and reaching out to those whose lives Grover has touched. I've gotten some wonderful responses for helping him out. Last I looked we were up to $575 of the $10,000 goal. I've spread to REPAIR RITE, 36LYN refuel, Bob & Steve's and many other places Grover and I went for our Eagle repairs. I got Mike Spangler to put the information in the AMC AMO newsletter coming out in the next issue for supporting Grover! 
Here is the post I posted on Facebook to several forumns and friends....
My friend, Grover Cleveland Ford Jr., suffered a bad stroke on 10/13. He's 65 yrs old. We've helped each out in so many times of crisis. We have been there for each other over the last two years. Support Grover! Working two part time jobs he doesn't have medical benefits. He is a wonderful man, a passionate independent man who loves the American Motors Corporation (Mr. Nash is his hero...Mr. Nash hired and built housing for the black community so they could work at the NASH factory, and American Motors auto/JEEP designer Dick Teague and Grover were FRIENDS, until Mr. Teague went to sleep (as Grover tells the story)in 1991. Currently Grover is back in the hospital in rehab and therapy.
Please help and give to Grover for he has done so much for American Motors Corporation lasting legacy!
Jayson Helenske
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