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Minnesota’s only club devoted to the enjoyment and preservation of American Motors vehicles

General AMC Chat

Hello (I'll go first)
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Hey Mike, welcome to the club, hope to meet up with you soon. Now that the holidays are over with we will be planning a meeting/gathering probably at a place like Buffalo Wild Wings.

Sounds like your brother can help you with some of the work on your car but most of us look to other members before going to a shop where they may or may not do the proper things to your AMC. Also great for saving money. Keep an eye out for the next meeting. Bryan
As a very recent AMC newbie, I'm very excited to read up on other members' cars and look forward to meeting up in warmer weather. I bought a 72 Gremlin this past summer, and with much help from my much more mechanically-inclined brother, got it back into very decent shape.
  I assume many members are very skilled mechanically and work on their own cars. I'd be interested in finding out if there are any go-to mechanics or shops that an unskilled guy like me could take his AMC to for work.
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